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We're just a couple geeks that love the Raspberry Pi and 3D Printing.
Tom George

Tom George - Software Engineer/Database Administrator
Tom began his journey into the world of computer programming at a relatively young age. At 16 he began coding with BASIC and worked his way into the more robust languages of C/C++. At 18 he enrolled in the CS program at Gogebic Community College with Jason. Throughout the CS101 semester, amidst the course projects and assignments, he designed and built a fully functioning version of the classic game "Battleship" using Borland Turbo C++ and the graphics libraries associated with it. He states "I got so bored making programs that calculate compounded interest and look for prime numbers... I had to expand what I was learning." After two years at GCC, Tom Transferred to DeVry Institute in Addison, IL. where he furthered his computer science education.

In 2003 Tom started his own computer repair business in the north woods of Michigan. Located in the small town of Ironwood, Tom's Computer Repair was unrivaled when it came to on-site service and turn around time. Although busy with his new business, he never stopped building software and web sites for local clients. In 2009, Tom dissolved the computer repair business to pursue a career in web development. He was employed by the company "All About Marketing Online Inc." and performed SEO and web development for AAMO clients as well as maintained the company website. In 2013 he was offered a position as a programmer/analyst for a local paper converting company with an international reputation as being the best of the best.

Tom is currently employed by C.G. Bretting Manufacturing Co., Inc. located in Ashland, Wisconsin. This family owned company has been a staple in the local community for over 125 years. Tom was initially tasked with developing custom in house software to drive the sales and manufacturing process used by the company. Throughout his employment he has re-designed their core business logic, developed API's that integrate every aspect of the paper converting process, as well as designed and built an extensible software platform capable of bridging every department in the company. The platform was designed to be virtually limitless in it's ability to adapt and conform to changing development needs. With an integrated plug-in system and upgrade versioning control, future programmers can develop and deploy new software with very little overhead or knowledge of internal core systems.

Jason Johnson - Software Engineer/Electrical Engineer
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Jason Johnson